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23 to 26 February ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW with 370 participations

ARTOZYMA and ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW are coming with a rich four-day exhibition in Thessaloniki and Athens From 24 to 26 February ARTOZYMA with 206 exhibitors 23 to 26 February ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW with 370 participations

Two parallel exhibitions with improved qualitative and quantitative characteristics, ARTOZYMA and ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW, are being held in Thessaloniki and Athens from 23 to 26 February, organised by TIF-HELEXPO. Baking & confectionery and jewellery will be the stars of the shows in the coming days, reflecting the momentum of the sectors.

In particular, this year’s ARTOZYMA, which is being place for the first time since 2016 without Detroit Boutique, has recorded a 44% increase in exhibition spaces and a 46% increase in the number of direct exhibitors compared, to 2022. The expo, which will take place from 24 to 26 February, has attracted 206 exhibitors (direct and indirect), 19 of whom are direct international exhibitors from 8 countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Poland, Italy, and Iran). Furthermore, ARTOZYMA will host 30 individual Full Hosted Buyers from 12 countries this year, as well as delegations from North Macedonia and Bulgaria. The total number of international Hosted Buyers and group visitors will exceed 100.

ARTOZYMA will be focused around its side events, with the Bakery Lab and the presentation programme of the National Baking Team, as well as the seminars by Italian master baker and confectioner, Matteo Manuini, who will be presenting new techniques in bakery and confectionery doughs. The 6th Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship will also be held, as well as the Pastry Lab creative workshop, where acclaimed pastry chefs will create inspired desserts using new techniques and original materials.

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops on new industry trends and food technology, such as the seminars by the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists.

All information on ARTOZYMA side events and the exhibition itself is available at:

At the same time, ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW will be held at the Metropolitan Expo, in Attica, from 23 to 26 February, with a total of 370 exhibitors (direct and indirect), including the largest companies in the jewellery, timepiece, and precious stone industry, and with increased exhibition space coverage compared to 2023. This is the largest trade fair for jewellery, watches, precious stones, packaging, and equipment in silver- and gold-smithing in Greece, where all new trends in jewellery and watch design will be presented. Of the 370 exhibitors, 240 are direct exhibitors from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Germany, Belgium, and Estonia, while 130 are indirect exhibitors.

The exhibition is hosting the DESIGN SECTION for the third consecutive year, with the participation of Greek designers, aiming to highlight the Greek design momentum of the industry, while it also incorporates a programme of international hosted buyers from Malta, Belgium, North Macedonia, and the United Kingdom.

Besides the purely exhibition sections, the side events programme has also been expanded. A stand-out event is the screening of ‘LOVE IN THE MAKING’, a short film about Greek jewellery and its history. It is a 9-minute-long artistic cinematic journey into the history of Greek jewellery, created by the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Silver- and Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Watchmakers (POVAKO). The side events programme also includes talks on topical issues of the jewellery and gemology sectors (all parallel events at:

Today’s Press conference

The special relationship Thessaloniki has with bakery and confectionery is reflected in this year’s ARTOZYMA, while ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW is a very important exhibition for the jewellery sector, as noted at today’s Press conference, in view of the opening of both events in the coming days, by the President of TIF-HELEXPO, Mr Tasos Tzikas. In fact, he stressed that 2024 will be a very good exhibition year.

Bread and desserts are in the DNA of Thessaloniki, Greece, and the Balkans, according to the CEO of TIF-HELEXPO, Dr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, while he made particular reference to the momentum of Greek jewellery designers, which is being highlighted in the DESIGN SECTION of ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW.

Desserts are some of the most exported products of Thessaloniki, according to Thessaloniki Guild of Shop Owners and Confectioners President, Mr Marios Papadopoulos, who, referring to ARTOZYMA, noted that all its days will be full of sweets. In fact, on the third day of the event, the general meeting of the Federation of Confectioner Craftspersons of Greece, will take place.

The first Vice President of the Hellenic Federation of Bakers, Ms Elsa Koukoumeria, underlined that the development of the bakery sector, despite its problems, is reflected in this year’s ARTOZYMA, while she noted that bakers’ motto at this year’s event is: ‘Fresh’ has a name; traditional Greek bakeries.

In turn, the president of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Silver- and Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Watchmakers (POVAKO), Mr Petros Kalpakidis, predicted increased traffic at this year’s ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW, while making special reference to the short film about Greek jewellery and its history, titled ‘LOVE IN THE MAKING’, produced by the Federation, which will premiere in the context of the event.

General Director of TIF-HELEXPO, Mr Alexis Tsakirlis, stated that the level of ARTOZYMA this year, after the decision to restart in 2016, vindicates everyone, while he also stressed that the


More than 30 confectioners from all over Greece will be at ARTOZYMA, according to the first Vice President of the Hellas Pastry Chef Club, Mr Yiannis Christoforidis, during which both traditional confectionery and international trends will be presented, as well as a tribute to chocolate.

Ms Parthena Pastrafidou of Gruppo FL spoke about the 6th Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship, noting that six teams of professional bakers will participate, competing in bread, pastries, and the dough art on the subject of music.

The President of the managing committee of Hellenic Association of Food Technologists (PETET), Ms Korina Lazaridou, characterised ARTOZYMA a successful institution that brings together production and commercial enterprises, and sector professionals, referring specifically to the events being organised by PETET.

ARTOZYMA, which is addressed only to professionals, will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00, and Monday from 10:00 to 18:00.

ATHENS INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY SHOW, also only for professionals, will be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, and on Monday from 10:00 to 19:00.


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